A silicon epitaxial planar transistor of the NPN type is the 2SC828. In applications based on audio AF, it is utilized for switching and signal amplification. The low power applications for this transistor. because the collector’s typical and peak dc currents are 100 and 50 milliamperes, respectively.

 2SC828 Pinout

This silicon epitaxial planar transistor has three pins, just like conventional NPN transistors do. The leftmost terminal on the 2SC828 is an emitter pin, the middle terminal is a base, and the rightmost terminal is a collector pin. The following figure shows the pinout diagram:

Pin Configuration

 This table list the pin configuration details: 

NumberPin NameFunction
1Emitter2SC828 emitter pin
2BaseBase pin
3CollectorCollector pin

2SC828 Transistor Features and Specifications 

  • VCBO (Collector Base Voltage) : 30 Volts
  • VCEO (Collector Emitter Voltage) : 25 Volts 
  • Peak Collector Current : 100mA
  • Rated collector current: 50mA
  • Power Dissipation: 400mW
  • Three different variants according to DC current gain rating (Q, R and S)
  • Low side switching for low power application due to NPN type 

2SC828 Example Circuits

Sine wave generator circuit for flyback transformer testing

One 2SC828 NPN transistor is used in this example circuit to create a sine wave oscillator from a television’s flyback transformer. Three capacitors, two resistors, and one variable resistor make up this circuit. At the transistor’s emitter terminal, it generates a sine wave. A flyback transformer testing circuit includes this circuit.

Low Side Switching Circuit 

When utilized in switching applications, transistors can be set up in either a low side or a high side arrangement. In low side switching, the load is linked between the positive terminal of the power supply and the collector terminal of the ground, and the emitter terminal is connected to the ground. On the other hand, with a high side design, the load is linked between ground and the transistor’s collector terminal. NPN transistors are typically utilized for low side switching and PNP transistors for high side switching.. 

The application of the 2SC828 transistor in low side switching is demonstrated by this sample circuit. The 2SC828 NPN transistor switches a load on and off. This switching circuit receives the control on/off signal through the transistor’s base terminal. The transistor does not work and the associated load will remain off when an active low signal is applied to the base terminal. Similar to this, the 2SC828 NPN transistor switches on when an active high control signal is applied to the base pin, completing the switching circuit from V+ to ground and turning on the load.


  • Audio frequency amplifier circuits
  • Low side and low power switching applications
  • Oscillator circuits to produce square wave and sine wave signals 
  • Amplitude transmitter circuits

2D Diagram

The following figure shows the two dimensional diagram of 2SC898 NPN transistors. The physical dimension diagram electronics components are required while designing a PCB card.