DS18B20 is a programmable single-wire temperature sensor. Its main applications include temperature measurement in harsh environments such as mines and soil. The temperature sensor can measure a wide temperature range from 55°C to +125° with an accuracy of ±5°C.


“This is a very good choice for measuring temperature in multiple locations without affecting the digital pins of the microcontroller.
The Working principle of this DS18B20 temperature sensor is similar to that of a traditional temperature sensor. The sensor usually consumes power in a low-power standby mode. In this way, programming facilitates temperature measurement and conversion. The received temperature information is saved in a 2-byte format. “


Features of Temperature Sensor DS18B2

  • “It has a programmable alarm feature
  • Programmable and digital temperature sensor
  • The communication is done with the 1-Wire method
  • The sensor can be power-driven from the data line”


  • “conversion time is actually less than 750 ms
  • Power Supply ranges from 3V to 5.5V
  • Current Consumption: 1mA
  • Temperature Range: -55 to 125°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.5°C
  • Resolution = 9 to 12 bit”

Uses and Applications

  • “Measures the liquid temperature
  • In thermostatic Controls
  • Industrial Systems
  • In consumer Products
  • In Thermometers
  • Thermally Sensitive Systems
  • In HVAC systems”

Pin Description

  • “Following is the pin Configuration for the Sensor
  • Pin1 (Ground): This pin connects to the GND terminal
    Pin2 (Vcc): This pin provides the power to the sensor (i.e Vcc voltage)
    Pin3 (Data): This data pin supplies the temperature value”